Creative cities: Vіdeosquat. 50m Performance Art.

M. Badasyan "Blow Art" performance
Tuesday, 18 June , 2013 at 15:00 Kyiv time the online live on: The "VideoSquat. 50m Performance Art" with the curators Masha Gonchar and Mischa Badasyan will held on.

The project «Vіdeosquat. 50m Performance Art» is Ukrainian and German curatorial project.
The Ukrainian curator is Maria Gonchar, the German curator is Mischa Badasyan.

The project «Vіdeosquat. 50m Performance Art» will be kicked off during the parallel program of Fourth international festival of silent films and contemporary music "Mute Nights 2013 ', held in Odessa, Ukraine, the 19-20 June 2013.

The curators obtained written agreement of the authors, picked and will present the video fixations and the video documentations of actual Ukrainian and European performances of:
Elena Kovylina, Anna Semenova, BBB Johannes Deimling, Elana Katz, Riccardo Attansio, Mischa Badasyan Karen Alekyan, Marcel Sparmann, Ksenia Telepova and Catherina Reicher, Lan Hungh, Ismael Ogando, Pavlo Kovach, Alevtina Kakhidze, ECMA “Tea Factory”.

The project «Vіdeosquat. 50m Performance Art» will be shown in the space of Art-gallery “Yellow Giants”, Odessa Fine Art Museum, 5 Sophiiskaya street.

The performance as a form of contemporary and actual art includes any situation that involves four basic elements: time, space, body painter and artist and audience relationship.
Performance as a form of  contemporary and actual art has value and newness to the artistic process:
1. A new definition of the role of the author and character.
2. It changes the concept of art.
It provides the possibility of productive audience.
4. It creates a new communicative situation.
5. It creates conditions for the emergence of new technologies, forms and types of art.

6. It protests against the legacy of past artistic principles.
7. It opens to all topics and issues of existentiality.

The main guest of the program - Mischa Badasyan. He was born on February 25th 1988 in Rostov on Don, Russia. In 2008, Mischa moved to Germany and eventually began studying social work in Dresden while staying active in social/AIDS/LGBT organizations. In April 2011, Mischa Badasyan moved to the UK for my studies and during this time, he visited Manchester’s International Festival. he saw a performance by Marina Abromovic and a concert by Bjork and they both inspired him to pursue Live art performances.

The presenter - Maria Gonchar, visual and media artist, curator of sociocultural projects and the project "Creative Cities Ukraine", architect, urbanist, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

Live On and the record of meeting can be viewed on this page.